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ENgage help

You can access ENgage here
General information can be found on the England Netball Website
Check and Change - 
I have found these guides which I hope will help:
Creating an account

How to set your Primary Club.

Navigating the system

Personal details

Paying your membership
If you are new to Old Chelts and need to change your primary club: 

1.            Log into your ENgage account using your personal ENA ID

2.            Click on Directory and open the filters using the small funnel icon on the right hand-side of the screen

3.            Click the + symbol and search for your new club using the name or reference (club ID). (The ID might be preferable if there is more than one club with the same name. If you’re unsure of the ID, please contact your new club.)

4.            Then click Apply

5.            Select the small circle next to the relevant club and then click to Join

6.            Finally Save


Old Chelts Treasurer